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14 Common Misconceptions about PhD Thesis in Computer Science

How Much Do You Know about the PhD Thesis in Computer Science?

Many students while preparing to enter a PhD program in computer science have some preconceived ideas about writing the computer science dissertation. Many of these ideas are not entirely correct and in some cases are completely wrong.

Misconceptions about the PhD Thesis in Computer Science

In order to provide you with a more realistic view, 14 common misconceptions about the PhD thesis in computer science are provided here:

  • The adviser is always right – the adviser is there to help and knows the ins and outs of writing a dissertation, but when it comes to your dissertation topic you may well be more knowledgeable.
  • PhD thesis research follows strict guidelines from which you can not deviate – while there are some general guidelines that it is advisable to follow, being innovative in your approach if done well can also be a good thing.
  • The dissertation is just a write up of the work you have done. Wrong.The dissertation is the PhD. Regardless of how well you performed your research proposal for PhD in computer science, your dissertation is what review boards see and judge you on.
  • The dissertation is a term paper – your dissertation will be far more detailed and provide much more analysis than any term paper.
  • The dissertation is a solo project – while much of it is strictly up to you, your supervisor should be involved and you should have at the least a separate person for proofreading.
  • The adviser will correct your mistakes – the adviser will advise you. However, they don’t hold your hand every step of the way. Success or failure of your dissertation is up to you, not your adviser.
  • Writing for themselves – the dissertation is written for the benefit of others, to convey the results of your research. Write for the reader.
  • Readers know the technical terms and jargon – not every reader does. Technical terms should be defined when first used, and you should stick strictly to that definition.
  • Long complicated sentences will create a better impression – quite the opposite. Clear concise statements are best whenever possible, although some concepts may require more complicated sentences and terms.
  • It shouldn’t be written if it’s not right – most dissertations would never get written if that were the case. Write something for your rough draft even if it isn’t perfect. You can polish it up later.
  • You should wait until completing all research before starting to write the dissertation – if you do that you will be very pressed for time. Start writing your dissertation as soon as possible. It takes less time to make small adjustments later that to write the whole dissertation
  • Introductions and abstracts are written first – usually, it is the opposite. As they provide an overview of your dissertation the introduction and abstract will be one of the last things you write.
  • Spelling and grammar don’t matter if the science is right – big mistake. Basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors matter a great deal, and at the very least cause a delay of some weeks in most cases

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