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15 Best Blogs To Follow About PhD Psychology Dissertation

Resources for writing your psychology dissertation

The internet is a great resource for PhD psychology candidates with dissertations to write. There are numerous sites that either point to information that can be used in psychology dissertations or provide information themselves. There are blogs that provide information on writing a psychology dissertation, as well as that provide information on graduate school programs. Other will update you on the latest psychology research. Here are the best 15 blogs for PhD candidates in Psychology to follow:

  1. PsyBlog – Articles relating to the scientific aspect of psychology highlighting how it factors into everyday life.
  2. World of Psychology – The most comprehensive blog about psychology on the internet. It concerns itself with almost every aspect of the field.
  3. Grad Psych Blog – Presented by the American Psychological Association of Graduate Students, and offers general graduate studies and dissertation advice that is tailored to graduate level study of psychology.
  4. Grad School Guru – Tips on preparation and gaining acceptance to graduate schools in psychology.
  5. British Psychological Society Research Digest – Updates on the latest research in the psychological community, covering a number of different disciplines.
  6. Psychological Science Blog – The site examines different media incorporating lessons and research from the author’s classes.
  7. Psychology Student Discourse – Open forum for professionals, students, and other interested parties to discuss their discipline.
  8. Mind Hacks – Both the book and the blog offer up information on psychology and neuroscience that helps readers unlock and understand the full potential of the human mind.
  9. Cognitive Daily – Peer-reviewed articles and research related to the field of cognitive psychology updated daily
  10. All About Forensic Psychology – One of the most exhaustive and intelligent resources on forensic psychology available
  11. Neuronarrative – Interviews, reviews, and insights on this constantly evolving analysis of how the brain operates.
  12. Brain Blogger – Bio-psychology and related issues with a section to dispelling the stigmatization of mental illness
  13. The Neurocritic – A dissection and analysis of psycho-pharmacology, brain imaging and scanning, and cognitive neuroscience.
  14. Research Blogging – Psychology –  Research Blogging is a collaborative blog focused on commenting on current research in a variety of fields including psychology
  15. Ph.D works – Focuses on everything you need to know for writing PhD dissertations and theses

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