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Am I Too Old to Writing a PhD?

Whatever your reason for wanting to complete your degree as long as the curiosity is there you could never be considered too old for PhD. Provided that you understand the cost and time implications there are even benefits of studying as a mature student which we will come onto.

writing a phd when you are 40

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Writing a PhD at 40

The first thing to consider is admissions into your chosen university. As a general rule that until you are 35 ages is not really a consideration taken into account.

However, with age comes with experience, and in certain fields this is definitely the case.Interviewers will likely be interested in your career history as this will point to skills that will make you a viable PhD student for their university. If your career history points directly to your PhD this will, obviously, be a huge bonus!

A big concern for universities is how much you can contribute to the field having started late, their focus is usually educating and encouraging the next generation of experts in a subject. However, don’t let this make you defensive in your interview, stay positive and focus on the benefits to having a few extra years under your belt!

Am I Too Old for It to Improve My Career?

You will need to plan for a minimum of five years to obtain your PhD, more likely six to eight. When you are in your mid-twenties this is rather less daunting than ten or so years later. This is a long time to be taking a loss to your salary, too, so it is important to consider how much you have saved and will be able to make having obtained your PhD.

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It is really important to understand your career opportunities that getting a PhD will include, particularly with all the experience you will have gained in the years spent learning. If you are not planning in going into teaching then a PhD may not be the path for you as often experience is valued over qualifications in industry.

Your experience from whatever your profession will bring significant skills that younger candidates may not have. Students are notoriously bad at organizing people and finances so your wealth of experience from both work and your personal life may allow you to organize a large project more effectively, making up for other downfalls that come with age. You even can get two PhDs if you wish!


  • Overall, though, it is important to remember that struggling with your PhD is not a reflection of your age, but of this qualification’s difficulty. Your younger counterparts will be finding their research every bit as painful as you are!
  • If you take all of the information we have provided you with into consideration to make the call you can be sure that whatever decision you choose to make will be well-informed.
  • Having a clear goal in mind can help you along your journey and if you decide that obtaining your PhD is the right path for you then using your valuable experience to your advantage will give you an upper hand over your younger counterparts.
  • Be confident, well-prepared and prove to interviewers that you are every bit as capable and promising as any young talents they may have.

What Are the Average Age to Get PhD?

A considerable difficulty with completing a PhD over the age of thirty five is that you may not appreciate working alongside younger candidates. This is personal preference and many flourish despite or even because of it, but it is still a consideration that needs to be made.

Similarly it is important to remember that with age comes responsibility and you will likely find family and finances are parts of your life that remain whether you are completing a PhD or not! Finding a balance between study and other responsibilities can be stressful, let alone your actual research project itself which may well be the cause of a few sleepless nights at least.

The considerations made in our guide will help you decide whether or not writing a PhD over 35 is for you. Follow the steps we have made to follow your dream of completing a PhD as a mature student!

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