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Best Research Proposal for PhD in Computer Science

Before you are allowed to undertake your doctorate research you will first need to get your proposal accepted. The purpose of the proposal is for you to demonstrate that you know what you are doing and that you have selected an area to research that is important to your field of computer science and that it is suitable for doctorate level research. You will need to clearly demonstrate how your research will be done and that it is feasible with the resources that you have at your disposal.

Like your actual thesis, your proposal must contain robust research in your field and has to be written in the correct style and perfectly formatted. Anything less than perfection and you could find that you are sent right back to the drawing board. It is therefore very important that you take great care in every aspect of writing your computer science Ph.D. proposal.

How Do You Write the Best Ph.D. Proposal in Computer Science?

Writing your proposal for computer science Ph.D. research is not an easy task, in some ways you are going to be doing just as much work in this initial phase as you will within your actual doctoral research. You should not however just treat this as a hurdle that you have to overcome before you are allowed to get to work. This is your opportunity to fully understand the area in which you want to do your work and to carefully plan it so that it will be a success. The better that you do your proposal the easier your actual Ph.D. research will be.

The following are some simple tips that you can use to help make your proposal writing easier:

  • Select your topic for research with great care; selecting the wrong area to work within can cause you significant problems later on. Use your literature research as a way to identify the things that are not known in the specific areas that you have a real interest in. Without a real interest in the topic and passion for getting the answer, you will find it very hard to concentrate on your topic during the following years.
  • Do your literature research using relevant and respected sources. Too many students today head straight for Google rather than the library. Use a broad selection of sources that are reliable and trustworthy and narrow into your specific area of interest. Make sure that your note taking is done well so that you have all of the information that you will need to correctly cite your sources.
  • Make sure that your define your research questions well and that they are going to be important to your area of research. Make sure that your research will also be able to have a positive impact on your field and not just be something that is there to be read.
  • Look at samples of proposals in computer science so that you know exactly what is expected of you with regards, to writing style, content, and formatting. Use a template to guide your layout and provide you with the correct formatting, but check that it is correct before you start.
  • Use your supervisor’s knowledge and experience as a sounding board for everything that you are doing. They are there to help you and are an excellent source of information and support.
  • Plan your writing very carefully so that you can be sure that you will make progress. Ensure that you also allow time for all of the proofreading and editing that you will need to do to ensure that your work is perfectly written.
  • Do your writing and your research at the same time each day so that you get yourself into a firm routine. This will ensure that you make progress with your proposal and not be left with a huge amount of work to be done as your deadline approaches.
  • Always work in a place that is going to be free of any distractions. Use a desk with a chair rather than laying on the bed and always switch off your phone and social media so that you can make progress with your work and craft the best dissertation.
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We Can Help Write Your Computer Science Research Proposal

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