Comprehensive Examination in All Its Peculiarities

Comprehensive Examination in All Its Peculiarities

Comprehensive examination is a familiar term for those who are done with their undergraduate as well as postgraduate studies. Comprehensive examination writing takes place in learning institutions at higher education level and as the title suggests, they are comprehensive in nature, therefore, they seek general knowledge over a wide area of subjects. They, therefore, want to know whether a candidate is good enough to take on the next phase of the study which is taking on the thesis. The study is very important and therefore you have to learn all the PhD comprehensive exam tips and be ready enough to take on it otherwise you should not be allowed to.

Format and Requirements for Comprehensive Examination

What is a doctoral comprehensive examination? Comprehensive examination is an examination taken with the aim of testing a student’s knowledge in many fields of study. In most cases, the examination is taken after the student has cleared the required coursework or just before they start their final thesis. Ph.D. comprehensive examination is required for a student to be considered as a successful Ph.D. candidate. What is doctoral comprehensive examination? This is a form of comprehensive examination that is taken by graduate students who are taking their doctoral degree which mainly entails a particular research.

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The significance of the doctoral comprehensive exam, therefore, negates the statement, why students shouldn’t have to take a comprehensive examination to graduate college. The exam is very important since it draws a boundary between those who are ready and those who are not and according to the set regulations, those who fail in the exams are deemed ineligible to continue with the program.

There are a number of formats that comprehensive examination academic writing takes. These formats vary among different schools and different programs and it is therefore up to them to decide on the most appropriate. It is upon the school to make clear which format they prefer their exam taken for clarity purposes and some programs go a step further to provide a range of formats or you can combine two or more formats. These formats include:

  • Oral examinations
  • Written examinations
  • Take-home examinations
  • Presentation of an annotated bibliography
  • Presentation and defense of a research paper of your own authorship
  • Proctored or supervised exams
  • Coming up with a syllabus for a course
  • Presentation of an academic paper which forms the basis of a thesis


Comprehensive Examination Requirements

The requirements for these exams may vary widely among different schools and different programs but some of the common requirements that apply for most programs include:

  • Minimum threshold GPA. For most situations, the cumulative grade point average must be at least 3.0
  • Completion of the coursework given
  • Completion of residency programs if it is necessary
  • Filling of all the necessary paperwork such as comprehensive exam request form
  • The student’s ability to read and communicate in other languages apart from English if it is necessary

Contents of Comprehensive Exam Writing

Why students shouldn’t have to take a comprehensive examination to graduate college? PhD comprehensive examination is an exam which warrants you candidacy for PhD programs. All forms of comprehensive exams have to have particular contents which are common across the board.

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The content of the respective examination which is basically contained in questions should be consistent with its respective purpose and they include:

  • Research methodologies applied to carry out data collection if necessary
  • Findings and results obtained as well as their analysis all of these which are contained in the coursework
  • Literature review which includes the relevant theories as well as concepts that contribute to the body of knowledge in the student’s area of specialization
  • Conclusions and recommendations obtained that could be expounded on
  • Applications of relevant ideologies and concepts that if further research is carried out on, could provide solutions to problems in the field.

Comprehensive examination questions can take many forms and the mandate of determining the most appropriate form it will take lies with the examining committee and this should be in a manner compatible with the policy of the graduate program concerned. Coursework written just before taking these exams should prepare the students well enough to take on any questions that comes their way in the course of the examination.

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What is doctoral comprehensive examination? Is it the same as a doctoral dissertation? These could be among some of the burning questions that could be in a student’s mind and clarification is therefore needed.

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