Dissertation Introduction

So you’ve got a write a dissertation introduction.  Although this kind of paper is likely the longest paper you’ll ever need to write during your academic career, don’t worry!  Just take a deep breath and put pen to paper and start writing. This introduction is similar to a regular introduction paragraph, only it’s much, much longer.  It should contain several key elements for the paper itself. First, it defines any relevant vocabulary or concepts.  Second, it reviews current literature, such as journal articles pertaining to helpful studies regarding the dissertation’s topic.  Third, to provides general background necessary in understanding the topic and the research’s implications.  The dissertation introduction can vary in length depending upon the topic and how much literature is currently available on the topic that needs to be reviewed.  It can range from several pages to fifteen pages or more.

Tips for Writing

While the abstract sections comes before this section, it’s actually more helpful to write the abstract section last and begin with the dissertation introduction. This section should cover all the background information and set the reader up to understand what follows next in the methodology and discussion section. Here are some great tips for writing a dissertation introduction

  • Brainstorm relevant vocabulary and concepts crucial to understanding the research
  • Define, and provide examples if warranted for the vocabulary and concepts
  • Provide relevant studies supporting your position and summarize their findings
  • Explain the relevance of the studies to your research focus
  • Outline the necessary background information regarding your research. Consider answering key questions such as who or what this research will help, how the research is relevant to today’s society, why this research is important as well as other key questions

Like the rest of the paper, the dissertation introduction should be flawlessly written.  It should not contain any run-on sentences or errors with commas, semi-colons, and colons.  It’s a good idea to write in active voice rather than passive voice as well; this method engages the reader and encourages them to continue reading beyond the dissertation introduction.

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