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Expert DBA Dissertation Writing Guide

What Is a Doctorate of Business Administration Program?

A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is the highest degree that you can aspire towards in business if you want to show that you have fully mastered your field. That is of course if you can demonstrate that you can meet all of the doctoral study requirements for your PhD dissertation. Getting onto the program can be difficult enough, and completing a good DBA dissertation is going to be even harder.

A DBA differs from a PhD in business administration in that it focuses more on the student being able to apply the learning in a real world situation, while the PhD focuses more on what you can add to the body of existing knowledge. The DBA is therefore more suitable for those that intend to go into a field such as business consultancy, senior management, or even as an entrepreneur.

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You will need to ensure that you select DBA thesis topics that are going to challenge you and offer you an opportunity to solve something that is of value to the field all while demonstrating that you have the skills to function at this level. Then, of course, you will need to go about your DBA paper writing. Your paper as with most academic writing must be completed to a very high standard indeed. It must be perfectly formatted as well as being in excellent academic English from start to finish.

Our professional help and excellent DBA dissertation topics below will help you to ensure that your studies will go smoothly:

What Are the DBA Program Requirements and Where Should You Study?

Getting onto a DBA program is going to take a lot of hard work. Like MBA programs they are highly selective and will only accept the best applicants to work with. You will have to ensure that your application is capable of making you stand out. Applications are generally made online and you will need to follow the specific instructions of the program that you are applying to. Each has different requirements but in general, they will all expect to see the following:

  • Statement of purpose for DBA
  • Transcripts and other academic records
  • Resume
  • IELTS or TOEFL for students from overseas

In addition, you must also meet all prerequisites for the program that you are applying to. Typically this will mean:

  • An MBA or equivalent
  • 5 years of work experience

Of course, if you meet the requirements of the program you will want to ensure that you apply to the best course for you. Often it is best to apply to the highest ranked colleges, while they may be harder to get into you will gain significantly more respect for the qualification that you gain. The following are the top 10 BDA programs that you could apply to:

What Is the Right DBA Dissertation Structure?

Writing a DBA dissertation must be done with great care. If you look at an example of dissertation for DBA program writing you will see that each is structured in a similar manner and the standard of writing is very high indeed. In fact, your writing must be perfect if you do not want the paper to be returned back to you after submission.

Your doctorate of business administration paper should follow the structure that is detailed here:

  • Introduction: this will cover all of the following areas:
    • The background to your investigation
    • A statement of the problem
    • The scope of your research
    • The research objectives and questions
    • The significance of your research
    • How your dissertation is organized and any definitions
  • Literature Review: this will contain:
    • A discussion of the theory around your issue, usually starting broadly before focusing on your specific topic.
  • Methodology: this should cover:
    • The overall design of your research
    • The variables and measures that you will use
    • Your sampling design
    • Design of any questionnaire used
    • How you will ensure reliability
    • The methods for collecting data
    • How you will analyze data collected
  • Analysis and Findings:
    • Accurately report the results of your research and the data collected
  • Discussion and Conclusion:
    • Summary of the main findings from the research
    • Explanation of their practical contribution
    • The implications of your findings
    • Any limitations to your findings
    • Discussion of future research
    • Conclusions

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How to Select Your DBA Dissertation Topics

Our specialists are able to help you with finding the right DBA dissertation ideas for your research. We always work directly with you so that we will be able to understand your particular strengths and interests. We will use that information to help you to search through current information to help find your perfect DBA dissertation topics and potential projects for your own research.

In addition, we can also provide you with lists of DBA topic ideas that may trigger ideas that will be perfect for the DBA paper writing you will undertake:

100 DBA Dissertation Topics Ideas

  • Perceptions of staff to women undertaking male dominated roles
  • Relationship between national culture and commitment to work
  • Reasons for unethical behavior in business
  • Holistic approaches to strategic thinking
  • How can businesses leverage social media to grow sales
  • Is it best to attract staff with the same values as the company
  • Are all business measures motivational
  • What are the most effective measures of employee performance
  • How to align personal measures to company values
  • How to reinvent an organization for the 21st century
  • What are the challenges that the automotive industry will face in the next 20 years
  • Do companies embrace corporate social responsibility or only play lip service
  • Does philanthropy have an impact on the perception of a company
  • Can improving company social conditions enhance competitiveness
  • How much management training is really necessary
  • Which is more important, the charisma of the leader or the methods used
  • Relationship between social responsibility and profitability
  • The importance of organizational memory
  • Causes of catastrophic organizational failure
  • Challenges for business in the 21st century

professional dba thesis topics

Click on the picture to DOWNLOAD 100 Amazing DBA Dissertation Topics Ideas!

How to Do Effective DBA Paper Writing

From your initial selection of DBA dissertation topics through to your common thesis defense questions, great care must be taken. The following steps will help take you through the process that you need to follow to ensure that your DBA dissertation will be accepted:

  • Spend time to ensure your DBA dissertation ideas are right for you: Review your DBA coursework and literature in fields that interest you as well as challenges that you have faced in your work to select right DBA topics that are going to accept when you make your DBA dissertation proposal.
  • Ensure that you fully understand the requirements for your BDA paper: make sure you know the correct structure for your paper, the format that you require and all other expectations prior to beginning your work.
  • Look at a sample DBA dissertation: from a DBA thesis proposal example through to past papers on your program review what others have done. Good doctorate in business administration dissertation topics and DBA dissertation samples will help you to fully understand just what is really expected of you.
  • Make good use of your supervisor: they have a vast amount of experience not only in writing a dissertation but also in supporting students such as yourself with their work.
  • Plan your writing: one of the biggest issues that let down students at this level is failing to plan their work. A good plan with milestones showing when each section must be completed will ensure that you get your paper finished on time.
  • Have a daily target for your writing: make yourself achievable targets for how many words you will write each day and how much you will read. Don’t set targets that you have no chance of achieving. This will ensure that your progress is steady.
  • Have a routine for your writing: by writing in the same place and at the same time each and every day you will form a habit that will ensure that you will work constantly towards completing your paper.
  • Create an outline for your paper: mapping out precisely what you will cover within each section of your paper will ensure that your writing will go smoothly. It will also help you to highlight issues as well as reducing any rewriting that may be required.
  • Revise your writing: your initial draft is unlikely to fully reflect the clear writing style that will be expected of you. Be prepared to rewrite your sections until they are perfectly written.
  • Proofread: simple mistakes can completely sink your paper. Always take care to go through your writing from start to finish to ensure any and all issues are eliminated.

Why Work with Our Professional Services for Your DBA Dissertation

Whether you need an extensive referencing search or want help writing a PhD research proposal in finance and business for your doctorate our specialists are able to support you. We provide you with effective and reliable support that covers all of the help that you may need. From offering great DBA thesis topics, DBA thesis statement examples, and advice through to supporting you with your writing and editing through advanced degree qualified staff.

With our dissertation help service you will always benefit from:

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