How to Prepare Yourself for Comprehensive Exam

How to Prepare Yourself for Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive exams basically provide a demarcation between doctoral students who qualify and one who don’t by mainly separating the coursework phase and the dissertation phase. It, therefore, provides a good platform to dismiss a candidate whose academic prowess and competence is in doubt. Bearing in mind the expansive nature of these exams, the best way to tackle this hurdle is to come up with a clever way of how to study for comprehensive exams.

Comprehensive exams are a perfect way of ensuring that students only begin working on their dissertation only when they are ready to do so. If they are no ready and don’t know all the PhD comprehensive exam tips they are not allowed to continue with the program since research is tan with a lot of seriousness and therefore jokers are not entertained. Some of the research projects carried out in various fields go a long way in adding to scholarly works.

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The Best Ways to Prepare Yourself for Comprehensive Exam

The best way to make sure that you excel in any examination is to make sure that you prepare well enough. Rarely does someone pass an examination by coincidence or chance? There are a few helpful ways proposed by our experts on how to study for comprehensive exams.

Some of them include:

Consult with your advisors

Seeking comprehensive exam help from your advisors as well as mentors before embarking on the exams especially whenever you feel that you are not prepared enough. This way you will know exactly how to deal with questions when they come your way. You will also not be needed to take the exam for another time since you will be prepared enough for the first attempt.

Detailed notes

During MBA comprehensive exam preparation, try to make detailed notes so that you will have an easy time while revising on the same. This will make sure that you do not have sketchy information and that you have the main points that you will need and if need be you will expound on them from that point. This also initiates critical thinking and you are forced to think and research more as you are studying.

Proper organization

Assume proper organization of all the helpful resources that will come in handy during preparation. You should know where all the relevant references are placed to avoid wasting your precious time as exams near trying to find them. They are very important since they will add to the detail that is missed when you are summarizing points on a notebook you can also make solid and valid arguments with information derived from these sources.

how to study for comprehensive exams

Ask for help

Do not shy away from seeking help from those who have gone through the system already and completed successfully. Older students will actually prove to be great sources of advice that goes a long way. You will have the first-hand experience on how to tackle most of the questions from those who have done it which could prove to be more helpful and applicable as compared to reading about them in books and journals. Some could even lend you copies of their graded essays which are actually quite helpful. Some colleges also have libraries where they keep their previous exam files and you can, therefore, borrow them to seek more insight.

Pay attention

During MBA comprehensive exam preparation, make sure that you pay attention to detail and also prepare for the exam as well. Reading all the directions and instructions that are found on the top page of the question paper is very important. They simply guide you and tell you what you are supposed to do and this eliminates situations where a student does their own thing and strays from what is expected of them which obviously leads to you failing.

The overwhelming majority of people worry too much about their PhD. Even though you have your supervisor to help you off to a good start, sometimes it is worth reading more information on how to make a smooth start to a PhD. We have gathered TOP useful blogs to use during your PhD writing and defense process.

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  29. Blog of The Dutch PhD Coach creates with a purpose to help you write your thesis and defend it successfully. Includes many useful tips and recommendations from academic coaches
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  31. PhD2Published is filled with recommendations on writing and publishing of different types of documents

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