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How to Write PhD Research Proposal in English Literature

When you decide to pursue a PhD in English, you have several options. The most common focus for such a program is either English Language or English Literature, but you can also specialize in English as a Second Language. You can also combine English with another discipline such as Philosophy and make a connection between the two in your PhD dissertation.

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PhD Research Proposal in English Literature

For writing an excellent research proposal in English literature you can use a simple trick. Basically, you need to remember the three C’s when writing a research proposal, that is, Clear, Concise and Coherent. Clear stands for how clear you are with your writing. All the points and statements that you have mentioned in your paper need to be checked to determine whether they are making sense or not. You need to be concise in the sense that your writing should be thoroughly focused. You need not wander and lose sight of what you are meant to express in the PhD research proposal. There should be coherency in your writing. Every statement should be related to each other as if telling a story about what you wish to do. Why you are inclined to doing it and how to intend to do it.

writing phd research proposal in english literature

Choosing PhD Dissertation Topics

Obtaining a PhD in English has never wavered over the years and is still a very popular choice with students. Because there are so many graduates who have written a dissertation, English Literature especially, coming up with suitable PhD dissertation topics is very difficult indeed. This is because the subject possibilities in English Literature are dwindling and you will be expected to come up with a topic that is completely unique and one for which you can carry out authentic research.

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We know what types of topics are acceptable and which ones will not gain the necessary approval for you to proceed. When you pressed for time, it is best to contact us for our services in choosing titles and the writing needs for dissertation proposals, the review of the literature and the research. Editing and proofreading are also services we offer even to students who are working towards a PhD in English. You may think that such a student would not need our help, but that is not the case. Our PhD dissertation writing service in UK team has many English majors who have difficulty with the style of academic writing required for a PhD in English.

Tips to Select a Research Topic

The best way to select a research topic among the various PhD research topics in English literature is to follow one’s personal interest. There are various students who are covered in the shadow of a misconception that a topic on which ample research materials is available is the best pick or maybe a topic pre-written by a student which was highly appreciated. But this is a thoroughly wrong way to select a research topic.

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The right way is to:

  • Ask various questions to oneself and write down a list of topics that interest you personally and are unique
  • Taking on a fresh topic that has not been researched allows you to create great interest in the mind of the readers. Everyone feels inclined to read something new and uncommon rather than something very repetitive
  • Do not forget to check the word limit that has been assigned by your institute. It is of utmost importance and should be strictly followed
  • Make a time-table and follow-up a constructive research. After jotting down the best 10 list of topics strike out all the other ones to select the most suitable research topic

Research Proposal in English Literature: Second Opinion

You may consult your guiding professor or “speak to our expert professional” to decide on one topic out of your list. Taking a second opinion is a positive way to decide on your topic as you would require spending a few years researching on that particular topic. We are an online service with certified scholarly professionals who offer to write PhD dissertation in English literature.

You Can Do an Online PhD – English Literature

You love reading, you already have a Master’s degree in English and you want to keep going to obtain a PhD in English. It is good that you love reading because you will have to do an enormous amount of it to write your dissertation. English dissertation proposals are the same as for doctorate studies in other fields. You have to include a review of the Literature and this includes the genre of literature that you are focusing on as well as scholarly publications that are criticisms of that genre.

research proposal in english literature experts

You can obtain much of the reading material online. PhD English topics that concentrate on older writings are easily found online at free websites and there are numerous online libraries to which you can have access. We also have access to numerous resources online and can give you assistance in the research as well as the writing for your PhD in English. We customize our PhD dissertation online help to assist you in developing you topic and specifying your methodology!

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