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Dissertation coaches are reliable professionals that help students come up with a perfect research paper that they can be proud of, and here are interesting facts from coaches that you might want to know.

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Interesting Thoughts about Dissertation

After great pain, a formal feeling comes.” – Emily Dickinson

A man may write at anytime, if he will set himself daggedly to it.” – Samuel Johnson

General Advice about Writing

  • Writing must be dialogic.
  • Remember that a dissertation isn’t a survey, but it’s an address on a question or a problem.
  • Writing is a social activity

Main Ideas to Remember

Remember that thesis is a conjecture or a hypothesis. A dissertation, whether it computer science dissertation or math dissertation, is a formal paper that argues and defends a particular thesis. The two important adjectives to describe a dissertation are substantial and original. A dissertation’s essence is critical thinking rather than experimental data. A scientific method means starting with a formulated hypothesis before collecting data to support or deny it.

Canonical Organization

  • Introduction
  • Definitions
  • Conceptual model
  • Experimental measurements
  • Corollaries and consequences
  • Conclusions
  • Abstract


Check Your Dissertation before Writing

  • Word limit
  • Chapters to include
  • Order of chapters
  • Appropriate content in the appendices
  • Guidance or marking schemes

Phrases to Avoid

  • Due to the fact (because)
  • In addition (additionally)
  • In order to (to)
  • A considerable number (Many – be ready to confirm)
  • Whether or not (whether)

Linking Ideas and Paragraphs Correctly

  • Adding ideas: as well as, besides, also, finally, likewise
  • Emphasizing ideas: above all, indeed, in fact, most important
  • Illustrating ideas: for instance, for example, in particular, that is
  • Comparing ideas: similarly, likewise, in the same way
  • Contrasting ideas: but, yet, at the same time
  • Showing cause and effect: as a result, otherwise, so, then, to this end
  • Placing ideas in time: at first, at once, at that/same time, meanwhile, until now, presently
  • Summarizing ideas: as has been noted, conclusion, in other words, in simpler terms, to put it differently

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Partial References

  • Literacy is commonly regarded as autonomous (Street, 1984): This is a reference wherein there is only one author
  • Public involvement in policy formation is increasingly encouraged through dialogue and debate (New Economics Foundation, 2003):  This is a type of reference that is reported by an organization and without a specific author.

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