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Is It Worth Doing Two PhDs?

Why a Joint PhD Degree?

Doing a two PhDs allows you to gain help and expertise from researchers based in two universities. This, of course, gives you the benefit of a variety of opinions which can help further your project. Collaboration of research and equipment can be a great tool in your own work. It can give you either two PhD degrees or a joint one with both universities on the certificate. In some fields the opportunity of access to two highly respected researchers will be of great benefit, but it is important to weigh up how much of a help this will be before you decide to do a joint PhD.

You will be exposed to two potentially very different cultures, giving you international mobility which is a fantastic experience for any candidate. Your ability to collaborate, mediate and glean particularly important information from what could be two very different sources will come under pressure throughout completing a joint PhD, but your confidence in doing so will be greatly increased.

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two phds pros and cons

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Networking is another factor to consider. Your job prospects after completing your PhD will be greatly increased having created contacts in different places as opposed to only those nearby in one country of study. You could become involved in local industry in both countries; allowing you a broader perspective for comparison and understanding.


The dual PhD route is one that many find informative and go on to have successful careers in their chosen fields from. The University of Southern California partner five other universities to provide candidates with a wide range of options for joint-degrees including law. A dual PhD can give you the opportunity for extensive networking and the opportunity to delve into varying research from other countries and people. Considerations for cost and practicality must be made but with proper planning a dual degree could be your first stepping stone to a lucrative career in your field all over the world!

What Are the Issues with Dual PhD Programs?

Here is a list of what you need to check for avoiding any issues:

  • There may be disagreements between your mentors in each country over the direction of your project or information and research you choose to employ. This can be difficult to navigate, but likely their combined expertise is worth more to you than the possibility of having to avoid argument.
  • You will need to be fully registered with both universities, requiring you to pass both sets of requirements and interviews to obtain your place. This can be tricky to navigate and it is important not to settle for one university when you could achieve or want to attend another for the sake of obtaining a dual PhD degree.
  • Funding is an all important question and you will need to look into this with your chosen universities before making a decision. You will also need to consider insurance you may need for either university as well as visas and travel costs.
  • Consider the costs of accommodation when you visit either university. If you have a family to support that you cannot travel with you or demanding responsibilities at home then a dual PhD may not be practical for you.
  • There is the possibility that you will have to submit your thesis in the local language; this is definitely worth checking out! Similarly, ensure that the universities you have chosen are definitely registered to award joint PhDs before you find yourself caught out after six years of study and costs.

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Use our guide to help you decide is a two PhDs is the right path for you! Follow our lists of positives and negatives to draw your own, well-informed conclusion about joint PhD program.

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