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PhD in Law

Those who hold a Master’s degree in law can further their educational qualifications by applying for a admission to a program leading to a PhD in law. The program is very intensive though, because it leads to careers in teaching law in a law school, working in governmental positions, researching issues related to law and working in private law practice. You will have to pass comprehensive exams, complete assignments, do an enormous amount of reading and of course complete a dissertation in law.

When you pursue a PhD in law you can choose a specific area in which you focus your research and study. You will also be expected to complete all the requirements for the completion of the dissertation within three years. Therefore you should not leave the writing of your dissertation on law until the last minute. It is something that you should start right at the beginning of the program.

Choosing dissertation topics for law

You have to choose a topic for your dissertation. You might have several topics for dissertation in law in mind, but you have to make sure that the one you decide on is unique and is something you can research within a reasonable amount of time. You also have to think ahead to the number of pages it would require you to write the dissertation and reflect on the dissertation ideas. Law school requires that you be able to organize the time to be able to meet all the requirements to be considered a candidate for the PhD in Law degree.         

The first part of writing the dissertation you need for a PhD in law is the proposal. This is a lengthy document on its own – usually about 30 or 40 pages. The easiest way to approach the writing is to search for a sample law dissertation and read the proposal that the author wrote for it. You will see that the dissertation law proposal sets the scene for what is to come in the actual dissertation. You will also get ideas of dissertation topics law schools accept and this can help you develop your own.

Don’t be tricked into thinking that you will have less work to do if you choose an online university for PhD law. Online requirements are the same as for those who attend the university and students have to do the same amount and type of coursework for a PhD in law. Some universities call the proposal a PhD law thesis, but it is the same as a dissertation.

You must pose a question related to your topic for the PhD in law that will serve as the basis for the research you intend to do. You must start the research on the topic before you develop anything of your own because the proposal in PhD thesis law documents has to include a review of the literature that exists about this particular legal issue. A review is the same as an annotated bibliography and with this you give a short description of the scholarly material and research that you intend to prove or disprove in your conclusion.


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