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PhD Arts Thesis: How To Choose The Best Topic For Dissertation?

Choosing the right art thesis topic

The art thesis is all that stands between you and a PhD in arts, so you want to make the best impression possible with your dissertation. Part of the impression will be formed by the topic you choose for your dissertation. To be granted a PhD in your field, your thesis must contain original research that contributes something of value to the field. Now you must decide which topic will allow you to do that as well as displaying the skills and knowledge you have gained during your years of study. The arts cover many different areas so that two candidates for a PhD in arts may have absolutely different dissertations. The following suggestions can be used to help select a topic regardless of what area of the arts your studies are focused on:

  • The experts were wrong – Question a concept or an idea in your particular field. This can be used in any arts field. By questioning an idea of a well known expert and having the facts to support your thesis you can get much favorable recognition.
  • Trending ideas – In the arts something is always trending in and out. A thesis that makes predictions and projections about a trends future based on evidence can be a good art thesis to write a dissertation on.
  • Compare and сontrast-This concept works in virtually any field. Compare a traditional idea and a new idea, an old way versus a new way, two emerging and competing trends or something else that can be compared.

It is a good idea to choose a topic you have a genuine interest in as you will be spending a great deal of time with it.

Suggestions and tips for writing your art thesis

After selecting a topic, getting it approved and conducting your research it is time to begin writing your dissertation. The following thesis writing tips will be useful in completing your art thesis:

  • Get started as soon as possible – Don’t wait until the last minute, or even until your research is complete. The more time you give yourself the better.
  • Write something every day – Even if you are not in the mood and think what you have written stinks, write anyway. At least you have something to work with.
  • Keep track of resources – Be meticulous in immediately recording each and every resource you use. Sources have a tendency to get misplaced. You can waste many hours trying to relocate a source you failed to write down.
  • Proofread – You may have heard this a zillion times. It is worth repeating a zillion and one. Proofread your dissertation thoroughly and many times. If possible have somebody else proofread as well.

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