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PhD Dissertation Defense: Questions and Answers

Are you looking for common PhD dissertation defense questions and answers? You may want to check out the following for some of those you might be asked during the oral defense of your paper. Before that, though, make sure to take note of them, but not limit yourself just to these common questions. You can also take a look at the most frequently asked PhD interview questions.

phd dissertation defense

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PhD Dissertation Defense Questions and Answers

What is your study about?

Using a few sentences, tell them what your study is about, but you don’t have to be choked for answering it. To answer it correctly, make sure you understand your paper from end to end. The answer to this is like the summary of your paper; thus, it might be helpful to review your abstract.

How significant is the topic?

You should be able to identify and state the importance of the study to answer the question. Thus, you should be able to highlight how your study will aid in future legislation, for instance, as well as implementations. Plus, tell the panel how your study will help future students in tackling the same issue or subject matter. Lastly, mention how the paper can benefit organizations and the whole society.

How can the research topic contribute to currently available research on it?

Be realistic. What do you think are potential contributions of the study to the society or knowledge (e.g. in law, accounting, business)

What were the limitations encountered?

This is another challenging question, as it could go a long way for the panel to start criticizing your paper. They are not looking to sympathize you but to find any loopholes in your study. Avoid selling yourself out or being reckless with words, which may be used against you later. Avoid mentioning limitations in data analysis and methods or else they will think your paper isn’t well researched but it is biased.

What motivated you to explore this topic?

It could be a tricky question but it could help you convince the panel that the study is worthwhile. You may want to review your research problem and from there formulate an answer to the question. You should also try elaborating the problem explored in your research. Your interest in solving the issue could be your motivation.

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