PhD Dissertation Proposal

The whole premise for writing a PhD dissertation proposal is that you have the groundwork in place for the body of academic writing that is required for graduation. The proposal is a plan of sorts because it lays out what you plan to do and how you plan to do it in order to answer the research question that you pose for the paper. Writing a dissertation proposal is a very important part of the process because it must be approved before you can proceed. In many cases, you will not be admitted to a PhD program without the approval of this proposal. But there is nothing to worry about, since PhD dissertation help is available any time you need it!

Chapter Outlines for a PhD Dissertation Proposal

All PhD dissertation proposals follow the same guidelines. The most common dissertation proposal format is to have three chapters with a specific purpose for each one. If you search online for an English literature dissertation example, you will be able to find lots of them, but you should never use these as the basis for your proposal because it may not meet your requirements.


Chapter One

Here is some PhD dissertation help. The first chapter of your PhD dissertation proposal should focus on five main areas of the writing.

These are:

  • What led you to choose this topic for the PhD dissertation? Proposals must provide the examining committee with some idea of your thought processes leading to your choice of topic for the PhD dissertation proposal.
  • Provide an introduction in which you pose the research question you intend to focus on in the paper itself.
  • State the problem you intend to solve through research and analysis of the data.
  • Why are you undertaking this area of research? Examiners will want to know why you feel you need to do this for your PhD dissertation proposal.
  • Why will your research be important to others? This is essentially the most important part of a PhD dissertation proposal. Moreover we can help you to create an astonishing phd thesis latex template.

Chapter Two

When you look at samples of PhD dissertation proposals you will see that in this chapter, you will provide an annotated bibliography of the scholarly writings that exist relevant to your topic.

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Chapter Three

In all dissertation proposals, this is the chapter in which you present a description of the theoretical model you will use to carry out the research for the dissertation. You also have to explain why you chose this model. The PhD thesis methodology you plan to use is also described in this chapter and you must include the index of all the authored works that you will use.

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