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PhD English Literature Dissertation: To Do Or Not To Do?

Reasons for doing an English literature dissertation

If you intend to pursue a PhD in literature, you may want to stop and examine your motives for going after a PhD. Literature is a field where there isn’t much demand, and you may be able to attain whatever goal you have in mind without writing an English literature dissertation or completing a PhD literature program. There is essentially only one reason to obtain a PhD in English literature. That is to have a career in academia as an English literature professor. Unfortunately these positions are very limited with many more applicant than there are openings. That is only one of the drawbacks of working for a PhD in literature. Others include:

  • Working essentially by yourself during the four years it takes to complete the PhD program
  • Having to place your commitment to the program above your other commitments
  • Little to no time to spend with family and friends

It sounds discouraging and for many it is. However for some the rewards outweigh the downside and they will take the risk and make the necessary sacrifices to have a chance at their goal, and a career doing what they enjoy most. After all some people do become movie stars and elite professional athletes so why not a tenured English professor. Your English literature dissertation is one of the tools at your disposal to help you.

Writing your English literature dissertation

To qualify you for a PhD in literature, your dissertation must do the following:

english literature dissertationProvide something new in the field. Research that you do for your dissertation must contain something original for it to qualify you for a PhD. You need to persuade your committee that your paper contributed to the field much and make it of a great value for your readers.

phd in literatureIt should provide something considered worthwhile by others in the field. The dissertation committee that reviews your dissertation must determine that you have added something of value to the field. Otherwise you risk to lose a plenty of time and not achieve the result you strive for.

phd literatureYour dissertation must be exceptionally well written. To get noticed and get on track to where you want to be, you must stand out for the quality of your writing as well as for the approach to your English literature dissertation topic.

If you need help with any part of your English literature dissertation, one of the best assets for help you have is our PhD dissertation writing service.

Get help with any part of your English literature dissertation

english literature dissertation

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From choosing the topic for your English literature dissertation up to the completion of your dissertation project, our PhD dissertation service is fully capable of providing any dissertation help you need every step of the way. Our dissertation services include dissertation proofreading, dissertation editing, dissertation proposal writing, dissertation research and dissertation writing. We offer our PhD dissertation services in every academic field including English literature. Whether you need help with a portion of one part of your dissertation or you need somebody to research and write the dissertation for you, our service is the best choice for high quality dissertation writing and assistance. The professional writers we use for English literature dissertation projects all have PhD degrees in English literature themselves as well as extensive experience in the dissertation process. Advantages of using our service include

  • English literature dissertation help from writers with English literature doctorates
  • Unlimited revisions of your dissertation at no additional cost until you are satisfied
  • Student friendly rates that are affordable to all
  • Complete customer confidentiality

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