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phd dissertation proposalWhen you are writing a dissertation for your PhD, proposal writing is the first challenge that you will confront. Most students looking for help with dissertation writing since they don’t have a clue where to start because they don’t know how to write a PhD proposal. You may think that this is an oxymoron because a PhD is such a high degree demonstrating that the student is an expert in his/her field. The situation is that while the students know the content, they may not have the same skill in writing and therefore come to us for help writing their PhD proposal.

The Reason You Need a PhD Proposal

There are several reasons why you must write a PhD proposal before you actually start any research for your dissertation. First of all, you must submit a proposal to your examining committee to gain approval for the topic and the type of research you intend to carry out. Second, having the proposal you need for the dissertation keeps you focused on the writing that is essential for a doctorate – PhD degree. In this way it is a type of road map that lays out the course you have to follow in the rest of the process. We help you in all aspects of writing your PhD dissertation proposal.


Where to Get Started with a PhD Proposal

The first step in writing a PhD proposal is to choose the topic for your research. This needs to be specific so that you can answer the question that you must pose and which you will focus on with the research. The best way to get ideas for this is to use the online tool that we have for writing thesis statements because it will help you narrow down the topic to one that you can easily manage. You can also search for a PhD research proposal sample online to see the way in which it should be structured. The sample PhD proposal does not have to be in your discipline because the format is the same for all fields. For example, the format for an online PhD business proposal follows the same guidelines as one in French, Mathematics or another area.

Essential Elements in a PhD Proposal

When you search for how to write a PhD proposal you will learn that every sample PhD proposal must have four sections. These are:

  • Title page – this is where you will have nothing only the title of your dissertation
  • Statement of the problem – this refers to the question you plan to answer in the research you will do for your doctorate, PhD dissertations online.
  • The review of the literature – by reading a PhD research proposal you will see that this section is basically an annotated bibliography of the publications that exist on your topic. Our writers can do this work for you to free up your time for developing your research model.
  • Your plan for research – the last section of the proposal will lay out your plan for carrying out the research. You must explain the methodology you plan to use and the types of research you will do.

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Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Help

Writing an effective dissertation is one of the toughest academic challenges that a student can face,  and if you have this project coming up, you need to be prepared to work hard! Dissertations are known for taking more time than any other essay, so you need to ensure that you can block off a  significant portion of your schedule for the dissertation. When you know that you have a dissertation coming up but you can’t get out of other commitments and responsibilities, you might be unsure of what to do. Many students find themselves in this position, and our PhD dissertation proposal service is where they go. We have professional writers waiting to give you the high quality dissertation help you need, and we can give you services that you didn’t think were possible!

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