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Writing Research Methodology for Phd: Expert Guide

In the methodology chapter of your research, you should explain and justify your methodology choices. In this part, you do not need to explain the approaches you used in your methodology but write your reasons for choosing the research methodology for PhD. For further explanation on how to write the chapter and prepare for the PhD interview questions check out the following.

Writing a PhD Methodology Chapter

Here are the qualitative procedures and components that you need to know before writing the methodology chapter: strategy of inquiry, data collection, and data recording.

Strategy of inquiry:

In this component, you need to identify what the inquiry specific strategy to use is. The following is the qualitative research tradition or design.

  • Biography or oral life history: read, research and understand the person in context.
  • Ethnography: this is a primary qualitative technique research that you can use in understanding others who are diverse and different in a collective level.
  • Grounded theory: in here, you can understand the causation of behavior or belief.
  • Case study: it allows you to understand single case such as an individual.
  • Phenomenology: it gives you an understanding of the human phenomena unique aspect.
  • Make a discussion of your intended outcome from your strategy type.
  • Discuss the strategy source.
  • Highlight why it’s the perfect strategy.
  • Identify how the strategy shapes your types of questions, data analysis and steps, final narrative and data collection form.

Data collection procedures:

Writing a PhD methodology chapter, you need to know about the data collection procedures. In here, you need to include a discussion about your participants as well as site. It should include:

  • Settings
  • The people who will be interviewed
  • Events
  • The events nature that will be undertaken by the actors in the setting

Be sure to indicate the types or type of data that will be collected such as interviews, audio, documents, visual material and observational materials.

Data Analysis

Keep in mind that in PhD thesis methodology, all data analysis should be based on the research questions as well as on the research design chosen for your study. You need to specify the procedures for coding and reducing the data. When it comes to qualitative studies, all the procedures that will be followed for your analyses should be addressed. It is a PhD thesis methodology chapter qualitative method that utilizes an ethnographic approach by having a realist design. In here, third person voice is being used because it is a realist design and there are no personal ideas included rather facts are presented using the participants actual words. Observations and objective data coming from the interviews were objectively reported and coded.

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What about Focus Groups

This is useful when your participants are willing to discuss your topic in front of their peers such as the views of teens about smoking. Your participants’ answers inform others, such as from group ideas that can be generated ad are not available in interviews using one-on-one method. Accessibility or time constraints are issues for the researcher.

What are the types of focus groups? In writing the PhD thesis methodology, it is essential to know the focus group types, especially if it is the one you are using in your research.

  • Face-to-face focus groups
  • Asynchronous focus groups
  • Online and synchronous focus groups

In considering focus groups, here is what you should know:

  • The researcher will act as the moderator or facilitator
  • The moderation level depends on the participants
  • Hard to moderate and record; in here, the tape is essential as well as a separate note taker, who is not a participant and a researcher
  • Ethical considerations for confidentiality

Interview Procedures

There you have the things to know and consider in writing your research methodology for PhD. Follow these guidelines and checklist so that you can plan and be well prepared in writing the chapter. As you notice, this chapter of your PhD research will require much effort and time on your part and fellow researchers, so you might as well equip yourself with the knowledge about its parts and things to know about it. Finally, start early to have more time in case adjustments are needed in conducting interviews or choosing which methods of interview to use, among other things you need in the research methodology chapter.

Get started with your research methodology for PhD today!