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Secrets of Getting into Ivy League PhD Program

A Background to Ivy League Admissions

Let’s start basic! These schools are non-profit organisations who aim to create value. Some of this is through research, contributing to new inventions or theories. Another is through services, organizing programmes to help charities or governments worldwide. Ivy League PhD schools aim to educate the best of the best whom will go on to change the world, Bill Gates attended Harvard, as did Barack Obama. Publicity from having students like this come through attracts more talented candidates.

Do not aim for being well-rounded! Ivy League schools want you to be particularly impressive in your own field, rather than average in many. They look to support you and push you forward in your area of talent and expertise; they are not looking for a jack of all trades! You need to demonstrate your focus and dedication to your particular field.


Fundamentally Ivy League schools were made to support and further the very best in each respective field. To become a successful applicant you must consider what your field is or will be and how to focus your energy on furthering yourself in that field. You need to stand out from thousands of other applicants and show your dedication through your personal statement and previous experience. Pour your energy into achieving what you want and attending an Ivy League school will likely send you onto a promising career in your field.

How to Get into Ivy League

  • Harvard accepts just 6% of its total applicants a year, around 2000 candidates. It is important, therefore, to work out what makes you different from other applicants. Dedication? Expertise? Experience? Get proof of any qualities you have to back up your results from school and previous exams or coursework. You need to show what sets you apart!
  • Don’t make the mistake of cramming as many extracurriculars into your schedule as possible. Consider what will link and benefit your particular field and focus on these. Demonstrate your dedication to your subject!
  • Letters of recommendation need to be top notch, so get started early – again these need to be relevant. Focus heavily on your particular field throughout your application; if you are really strong in maths and science it’s alright to be weaker at English or History.
  • Your application doesn’t have to be perfect, interviewers want something that sets you apart and focusing on your subject will help. However your grades need to be good all round so these still need to stay consistent to show focus and determination as well as ability. Prepare and see common PhD interview questions.
  • Your personal statement needs to reflect your strengths and your interest in your field particularly. Build the story around your subject and your dedication to it and this will draw attention to you over the rest of the applicants.
ivy league phd getting guide

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What Not to Do When It Comes to Admissions!

Really consider what will actually help you in focusing on your field. Don’t take subjects you hate and that don’t further you because you are unlikely to excel in something you don’t enjoy. The more classes you take likely the less effort you will put into them all. Better to take fewer and do well than many and be average! While volunteering is great and will teach you humility, consider whether or not it will make you stand out or help towards your end goal of finding a career in your field.

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Similarly sports and playing instruments can be a good way to de-stress or feel like you are furthering your education and expanding your application but often they detract from your focus. That isn’t to say you should drop anything not related to your field but work out what will help and what is an unnecessary drain on your time or causing your more stress by detracting from other areas of your life. If any other things you are doing are not furthering you in your own personal growth or education then they are probably not worth it! Ivy League schools want you to stand out and playing in a band a bit will not do that – particularly if you aren’t aiming for a musical career! So you can do your best in writing PhD thesis firstly!

Follow our hints and tips to succeed in your Ivy League PhD applications and eventually complete your PhD thesis!

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