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How Much Do You Know About the Computer Science Technical Writing?

Many students while preparing to enter a PhD program have some preconceived ideas about writing in computer science paper. Many of these ideas are not entirely correct and in some cases are completely wrong.

Your university papers have to be able to convince the reader you have chosen an area for research that is both suitable and feasible. You also have to show them you have the research and writing skills necessary to complete the computer science writing task with a high chance of being successful. If you cannot do this through your proposal then you will likely find you will be denied the chance of going ahead with your writing for computer science.

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How Should You Use a Sample?

A sample is a perfect way for you to see and understand how you should approach your own writing. A good sample won’t only show you exactly the sorts of things you should cover it will also show you the precise style of writing you need to adopt, the structure and format you need to use and give you many other ideas for your computer science technical writing.

One thing you must not do however is to simply copy what you see. Even small amounts of plagiarized writing within your own computer science writing paper could see your work rejected. Your proposal must always be written entirely from scratch at all times to fully reflect the unique research that you want to undertake.

Top Useful Tips for Writing

Samples are great for seeing what your final paper should look like, but they don’t always help you to understand how you should go about the process. The following easy to use tips for writing for computer science will help you to make sure that your work will be up to scratch:

  • Spend time selecting the correct topic area for you. You will be working in this area for the next few years so you need to ensure that it is going to be capable of keeping your full interest throughout your research. Nothing is worse than working on something that you no longer enjoy.
  • Make sure you fully understand what is being asked of you; get a template from your supervisor and look at past examples of proposals submitted in your area of writing for computer science.
  • Create a clear plan for your writing. Knowing when you are going to complete each section of your proposal gives you something to aim for and prevents you from leaving everything until the last moment before submission.
  • Have a fixed time every day in which to do your work. Getting into a firm routine for your research and writing will ensure that you make progress according to your plan.
  • Create an outline for your proposal right from the start. This allows you to better understand what you will need to cover and can also highlight where your understanding is light.


In order to provide you with a more realistic view, 14 common misconceptions about computer science and creative writing are provided here:

  • The adviser is always right – the adviser is there to help and knows the ins and outs of writing a dissertation, but when it comes to your topic you may well be more knowledgeable.
  • Computer science proposal follows strict guidelines from which you can not deviate – while there are some general guidelines that it is advisable to follow, being innovative in your approach if done well can also be a good thing.
  • The dissertation is just a write up of the work you have done. Wrong. The dissertation is a PhD.
  • The dissertation is a solo project – while much of it is strictly up to you, your supervisor should be involved and you should have at the least a separate person for proofreading.
  • The adviser will correct your mistakes – the adviser will advise you. However, they don’t hold your hand every step of the way. Success or failure of your dissertation is up to you, not your adviser.
  • Writing for themselves – the dissertation is written for the benefit of others, to convey the results of your research. Write for the reader.
  • Readers know the technical terms and jargon – not every reader does. Technical terms should be defined when first used, and you should stick strictly to that definition.
  • Long complicated sentences will create a better impression – quite the opposite. Clear concise statements are best whenever possible, although some concepts may require more complicated sentences and terms.
  • It shouldn’t be written if it’s not right – most dissertations would never get written if that were the case. Write something for your rough draft even if it isn’t perfect. You can polish it up later.
  • You should wait until completing all research before starting to write the dissertation – if you do that you will be very pressed for time. Start writing your dissertation as soon as possible. It takes less time to make small adjustments later that to write the whole dissertation
  • Introductions and abstracts are written first – usually, it is the opposite. As they provide an overview of your dissertation the introduction and abstract will be one of the last things you write.
  • Spelling and grammar don’t matter if the science is right – big mistake. Basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors matter a great deal, and at the very least cause a delay of some weeks in most cases

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