Tips on How to Write PhD Research Proposal in Finance

With the world’s economy in shambles, there has never been a more opportune time to pursue a PhD in finance. Through the research and dissertation writing that such a degree requires you can gain a greater understanding of the manner in which international business operates as well as the methods used within the financial world. Like other types of PhD programs, you can complete your PhD in finance online. It will probably take you a bit longer because you are not focused on your studies full time due to work obligations, but with the help and support we can offer you, you won’t be overwhelmed with the work load associated with writing a dissertation in finance.

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Focus on the Stock Market with a PhD in Finance

As one of the programs you can pursue for a PhD, quantitative finance is one area of specialty where you spend time dealing with profit and loss as well as the risks inherent in the stock market. The research you undertake for your dissertation in finance for this degree will focus on testing various models and approaches to the financial market. You will have to make hypotheses and draw conclusions for various world market settings. This gives you plenty of scopes to choose a unique dissertation topic for PhD in finance.

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One of the requirements of the dissertation in finance that you have to write for a PhD quantitative finance program is that you must design and test a scenario in real world situations. This work towards your PhD finance degree will give you the expertise you need to operate and run a large business on your own when you graduate. It will also make you a valuable commodity for employers looking for someone with your caliber of expertise with a PhD in finance.

Writing Research Proposal in Finance Correctly

If you think writing research proposal for PhD in finance is a very complex undertaking then you are not mistaken. There is a particular process of writing a research proposal. Once you know the steps of the process than writing a research proposal will become simple and easy. It will also consume less time and effort when the paper is researched and written in an organized manner. You would hardly need to spend few hours every day for a week or so. If you follow it completely you will surely complete writing PhD dissertation before the submission deadline.


Tips on Writing Thesis Proposal

  • You need to have an interesting research topic. It should be an original one. The topic should be relevant and not an immature college essay topic.
  • The statements should be simple and clearly stated giving the reader a proper idea of what the research is about and what are its objectives
  • There should be an effort to state that the research would make a difference to the existing ones
  • You should be excited about conducting the research. This excitement will automatically reflect on your research proposal and excite the reader in a similar manner
  • It is vital to do some background check on the research undertaken rather than plunging on to write the research proposal with limited knowledge
  • Limit to about 10-12 pages while inserting only relevant and necessary details and avoiding all the unnecessary ones
  • Tables and figures need not be used if they are not utterly needed in the research proposal
  • Only standard abbreviations should be used where the first occurrence of the term is mentioned in full
  • All the references should be well cited so that any reader who wishes to go through the reference is able to find it easily.


Finance Areas You May Write PhD Research On

When it comes to finance, some areas are of part concern for the PhD research. Here we are discussing them, just few of them:

Financial Markets

There are different types of financial markets like stock market, money market etc. You can select one of them for your PhD research. Interbank lending market and its different aspects will be an interesting topic. Similarly, you can also do your research on foreign markets and their different aspects.

Expert advice: When you start your research on financial markets, make sure you have the literature background with you. If you want to write about a new market, you may not be able to get proper literature about that, so make sure the topic you are selecting offers background material for your research.


Banking is an interesting area of research when it comes to PhD research. Research proposal on banking industry will be really interesting, if you have a new aspect. Banks offer a lot of services and facilities for the customers, you can choose a particular area according to your interest.

Expert advice: Banking is a popular field so you can find so many research and thesis on this. So, if you are selecting banking for your research, make sure that you select a new topic and it has some potential, to prove your abilities as researcher. If you have some working experience in banks, it will help you.


Economics is important to understand for various reasons. It helps in evaluating the progress of the country. It is a vast field and there are different branches of economics, which can be your research topic.

Expert advice: Economics is a broad field, when you select it for your PhD thesis, you have to focus on one particular area. Choose a specific topic, you clearly understand and have research interest. Concentrating on one point will help you to do a consolidate research. Unlike other areas of finance, a lot of theory is involved in economics.


Finances are not completed without liabilities. However, for common people it’s difficult to understand different aspects of liabilities. You can find many interesting topics in this area, like mortgage which is important for a lot of people. Similarly, short term liabilities and long-term liabilities can also make your research interesting.

Expert advice: Liabilities are slightly complicated to understand. So, when you select any topic related to liabilities, make sure you understand that completely. Moreover, you have to consider your methodology too. You can read research papers and thesis of other people to understand, how the liability thesis will be written.


Everyone is interested in investment. Some types on investments are conventional, while modern ways are also available. You can select anyone of these investment methods and can write about its positive and negative aspects. However, make sure your topic is unique.

Expert advice: Doing research on investments can be a bit tricky as well, because interest is involved when we talk about investment. You have to be careful with percentages and numbers when writing about investment. You can find a lot of literature in this area of finance.

The Best 20 PhD Research Topics in Finance

  1. Integrated Services Innovations and Business Modeling in Event Management: Ghanaian Experience
  2. Nigerian Experience: Integrated Services Innovations and Business Modeling in Event Management
  3. Integrated, CRM and Business Model Innovation in Nigerian Higher Education
  4. Nigerian Public Sector: Services Innovations and Business Modeling
  5. Profitable Growth, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Finance among Saudi Arabians
  6. Profitable Growth, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Finance among Nigerians
  7. Profitable Growth, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Finance among Ghanaian
  8. Entrepreneurial Finance, Business Development and Data Science-Based Valuations in Biotechnology
  9. Political Economy History Analysis under Different Administrations
  10. Models and Informatics: Electoral Geography and Strategic Thinking in  Finance
  11. Employability Education, Enterprise and Reinventing Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries
  12. Enabling Canvas, Theory and Cases In Project Management in Government and Industry
  13. GLAF Publishing: Practice and Pedagogy Statistical Science
  14. Strategic National Economic and Electoral Geography Development in Nigeria
  15. Geospatial Modeling and Data Mining: National Security Strategies in Developing Country
  16. Transforming Economy Firms in Global Operations
  17. Strategic E-Marketing in Nigeria Born-Global Firms
  18. Strategic E-Marketing in Ghana Born-Global Firms
  19. Strategic E-Marketing in Egypt Born-Global Firms
  20. Strategic E-Marketing in South Asia Born-Global Firms

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Writing a Dissertation Finance for Your PhD

With an online PhD finance requirements demand that you carry out extensive research and analysis. You do need to have a good mathematical background in order to pursue a PhD in finance, whatever the topic for PhD in finance. The majority of students pursuing an NYU PhD finance degree or an online PhD finance degree have expertise in mathematical theory and computation skills. However, they lack the writing and editing skills that are essential for choosing dissertation titles in finance and writing the various sections of the document.

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We are well able to help you narrow down the broad topics to arrive at specific dissertation titles in finance. You must come up with a unique title for the dissertation for a PhD in finance – one that has not been written about in the past. For many students, this is a very challenging part of writing the dissertation for a PhD finance degree. We have the knowledgeable writers available to help you get the start that you need so that you are well on your way to getting your research started for a PhD in finance.

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Professional Consultation Research Proposal for PhD in Accounting and Finance

If you faced some doubts you can conveniently “consult an expert” specializing in dissertation for PhD in the subject accounting and finance. You may also get some tips to make your writing better and concise to impress the readers. The consultation is free and you can avail it at any point in time. This saves you ample time and effort. The professionals of our service are highly qualified and hold doctorate degrees. You can rely on their advice for your research proposal.

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