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Top 10 PhD Law Dissertation Topics

Most law Ph.D. programs will last around three years so you will want to ensure that you choose an area to work on that is going to maintain your interest for that length of time. You need to select something that is important to your specific specialism within the law as well as it being something that is unknown or disputed. The law covers many different areas of corporate law through to family law so you will also want to ensure that you choose something that is relevant to where you see your career in the future. You will also want to select something that has a real application and offers some real benefits.

But selecting that perfect topic area for your law Ph.D. is not going to be easy. Many topics have already been heavily researched and finding a new angle can be hard, to say the least. But if you want to get your Ph.D. you will need to find something that is going to prove your abilities.

Tips for Selecting the Right Dissertation Topics Law

If you are studying for a Ph.D. in law you will want to start your research off by making sure that you have selected something that is right for your specialism as well as right for you. The following tips are ways that can help you to identify possible topics for your own research:

  • Continue with an area of research that you started earlier within your education. This is often the best way for many if their previous research offers areas of weakness or unknowns that still need to be answered.
  • Talk with your supervisor and peers. There are many people within the law school or university that you are studying within that you can discuss your ideas with. Often these discussions can point you in the direction of something that you would like to research.
  • Look at lists of open topics: many libraries have lists of topic ideas that you may wish to explore and you can also find them online. However, you do need to ensure that your specific research questions around those topics have not already been tackled by others.
  • Review the available research in the specific fields in which you are interested. Not only does this help you with building your own knowledge as well as providing material for your literature research it can also help you identify research topics. Most papers will highlight what is not yet known as well highlighting weaknesses within research. This can often help you to identify your ideas as to where you need to focus your own research.
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Some Potential Topic Areas for Your Own Research in Law

The following are 10 possible topics that you could use or that may trigger your own unique ideas for research:

  1. Discrimination against released felons.
  2. The profiling of possible suspects by law enforcement agencies.
  3. How to maintain internet independence and neutrality.
  4. Public Safety vs. Civil Liberties; is it ever right to violate our liberties to protect the public?
  5. Are there areas in which minors should be sentenced in the same way as adults.
  6. Hostile company takeovers; legal, moral and ethical considerations and obligations.
  7. How much information is the government entitled to with regards to the internet and mobile network use?
  8. Should the right to bear arms be curbed to prevent a repeat of the many atrocities recently committed?
  9. Are there better ways to prevent violations on intellectual property?
  10. The death penalty; always a good subject if you have something new to add to the argument.

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Our highly specialized dissertation writers can help you with every stage of your Ph.D. from identifying the right topic area of your research through to supporting you with the writing and editing of your finished paper. All of our help is provided through fully qualified experts in your field that have many years of experience in this area. All work is unique, tested for plagiarism, proofread by experts and delivered on time to your requirements at all times.

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